Welcome to Chabad House 2016-17

By Manya Goldstein

Nearly seventy new residents shuffled into the Chabad House dining hall after an exhilarating—albeit hectic—move-in day. They took their seats in the oversized circle, some making small talk with those around them and others staring patiently ahead.

This year’s dynamic resident advisors, Nina Landa, Joshua Krantz, Esther Esquenazi and Micah Lebowitz sat in the center of the circle preparing to give their statements on rules, security and guidelines for a quality year at Chabad House.

The orientation began with the students taking turns introducing themselves. All residents, both new and returning, were given their first opportunity to meet the entire dorm and begin putting names to faces. The orientation proceeded with the resident advisors discussing important details for the upcoming year. Topics ranged from basic rules to anti-Semitism in a university setting. The residents left with a more complete sense of their role on campus and what they can expect during their time at Chabad House.

“I’m really looking forward to having a great year with all of you and getting to know everyone,” said Resident Advisor, Joshua Krantz.

It was a long day for all, but for those seventy students sitting in the oversized circle in the dining room, it was just the beginning.

We’re looking forward to another exciting, successful year at Chabad House!

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