JRose Live In-Concert at JCafé at Rutgers Chabad

To celebrate the new Jewish month of Adar II, Chabad House presented a concert at its weekly Jerusalem Café entitled, JRose @JCafé Underwater Jam on March 5th. Over 225 students converged on Chabad House and enjoyed a fish ‘n chips buffet and a live concert given by Jewish rapper JRose from Miami, Florida.


The dining hall, decorated with under the sea themed props, was filled with excited students welcoming and cheering on JRose. “His music and singing were beautiful,” commented Rutgers Sophomore Lauren Araman.

“I loved his combination of modern rap music and Jewish traditional ideas,” added  Rutgers senior Eytan Mendelow.  “The song I loved the most was his rendition of Lecha Dodi, the song we sing in Shul to welcome in Shabbat!” added Rutgers Sophomore Oren Mendelow.

“I want to thank first-year student Chana Rodriguez for booking and organizing this most successful concert,” stated Rabbi Baruch Goodman, Campus Director of Chabad House, “it was the perfect start to the new month of Adar when we are commanded to increase in joy and happiness, and what better way to do that than with lively, Jewish music and crowds of the greatest people on campus!” Thanks were also given publicly to Chabad Student Leaders Marli Dinovitzer and Meir Brodsky for their unparalleled work in making each and every JCafe at Chabad the success it is.

JRose spoke throughout his performance how he is very proud of his Jewish heritage and that he studied at Toras Chaim High School in Miami, and at TJ (Teferes Yerushalayim, in Jerusalem, Israel).  He commented after the concert that “I totally enjoyed playing here at Rutgers. The Chabad here creates a most welcoming and awesome environment that is chill and very comfortable.  The Chabad students I spoke to right after the show were all enthusiastic and kind. I can’t wait to come back one day.”

“The music was upbeat and the concert was exciting,” exclaimed Rutgers Junior Sara Shochet, and “JRose put on an awesome show and really got us in the Adar spirit,” added Rutgers Junior Juliet Matthew.

JRose can be searched up as JRose The Dilemma on Spotify and Apple Music, etc., and @thejrose26 on Instagram and Facebook.  JRose will be opening for Nissim Black in Denver during the intermediate days of Passover this year.

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