Chanukah Sameach 5779 at Chabad

By Sara Schochet
We had an EXCITING, JAM-PACKED, EIGHT-DAYS of CHANUKAH at the Chabad House!!!! On the THIRD night, we had a Grand Public Menorah lighting in the center of campus, on the Brower Commons’ steps. Reva Lewitter and Rabbi Baruch Goodman shared beautiful words of Torah. Louis Hess lit the candles and we all sang the brachot together and enjoyed delicious latkes and donuts!! We were successful in sharing the amazing miracle of Chanukah and spreading so much light to the Rutgers campus!
Following, the lighting on Brower Commons, we had an AMAZING CHANUKAH EXTRAVAGANZA at Chabad House!!! Our students enjoyed DONUT DECORATING, CANDLE MAKING, exciting music, a delicious hot buffet, amazing people and more. We also had a COMPETITIVE game of dreidel. Thank you to everyone who came to make the event so amazing and special.
On the fourth night of Chanukah, Rabbi Shaya opened his home to our students for a SUSHI CHANUKAH PARTY. It was a wonderful evening filled with beautiful words from Rabbi Shaya, latkes, jelly donuts, sushi and an EXCITING game of DREIDEL. Huge thank you to Rabbi Shaya and his family for hosting and enhancing our Chanukah!
On the FIFTH night of Chanukah, our annual CHANUKAH MENORAH CAR PARADE took place!! It was amazing!! We drove through ALL FIVE Rutgers campuses, as well as through Highland Park and Edison, with lit up menorahs on the tops of our cars. It was another special opportunity to share the amazing miracle of Chanukah and light up the dark, cold Rutgers campus.
Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to plan these amazing events and for making our Chanukah so exciting special! And thank you to everyone who took part in every event! It was truly an incredible Chanukah at the Chabad House! #RutgersChabad #RUJewishLife #ChanukahatChabad

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