Sukkah Building 101 at Chabad

Right before Sukkot our amazing Sukkah was built in our parking lot, by a team led by Rabbi Shaya Shagalow!! An EXTRA special thank you to Rabbi Shaya, Eytan Mendelow, Gershon Eichen, Evyatar Kanik, Jason Cusner, Elijah Lippe, Shaina Joseph and Shlomo Goodman for all their help building! They made the mitzvah of eating in the Sukkah happen! Thank you ALL! Check out these pictures of the “work in progress” as they labored to make it another amazing Sukkot at Chabad! #RutgersChabad #RUJewishLife #SukkotatChabad #StrongerTogether #Ifwebuildittheywillcome

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