Rutgers Chabad’s RU Week of Kindness

Sharing the light is a universal theme of Chanukah, but when it comes to bringing the festival of lights to such places as Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq, this calls for real planning. This past Tuesdaynight, at the finale event of Rutgers Chabad’s RU Week of Kindness, college students participated in Chanukah in a revoluntionary way: by packing and mailing menorahs, dreidels and chocolate gelt to US troops serving overseas.

Organized by student activist, Daisy Gulko, a Rutgers first year student, volunteers took time out from their studying for final exams to pack these Chanukah kits, as well as write personal holiday notes to the troops. “I’m so happy to lend a hand and help our brave soldiers who are defending freedom around the world celebrate that holiday that represents the victory of our brave Maccabees over the forces of evil back in the day,” commended Daisy. “I’m so happy so many students participated and helped out.”

Rabbi Baruch Goodman, Chabad’s campus activities director, added, “this is something you don’t see very often: young people sacrificing their precious study time for exams to help others. This goes beyond logic; their love of their fellow, and compassion for those serving in our nation’s armed services is exemplary and inspiring. I’m so proud of all our modern day Maccabees.”


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