The More the Merrier! Now Accepting RU Express!

By Blair Donner

The RU Express plan has finally come to Chabad! It is arguably one of the most important updates of the season. Students of Rutgers University can now come and enjoy selections from the new RU Brew Café or the dining hall. For those unaware, RU Express is an innovative student debit program for Rutgers University students. Those who participate in the program have a cash-free option when purchasing goods and services at several of on-campus and off-campus areas. Now, as of this 2016 fall semester, this no-cash option is available at Chabad, which means that more students than ever before have access to kosher food on campus!

Meals and snacks from Chabad’s dining plan are one of the most popular ways students are taken advantage of RU Express. Statistical evidence back this up as income gained from food has grown by 25% ever since the program was launched. All of the food offered at Chabad is kosher to the highest levels and appeals to wide range of eating habits, including vegetarian and gluten-free palates. Both the kitchen and dining facilities at Chabad are ranked A by the New Jersey Health Department, testifying to the cleanliness and orderliness of the facilities. Moreover, students are hired work in the kitchen, approximately five students in total, who understand the importance of balancing a sound diet with rigorous coursework.

The RU Brew Café, formerly the French Press, is the second way students can enjoy food. RU Brew Café is the latest exciting addition to the Chabad House at Rutgers. RU Brew prides itself on an authentic coffee experience, and picks the best coffee beans from farmers around the globe. Drinks, desserts, wraps, sushi and pizza on Saturday nights, are sold here as well! Furthermore, not only are RU Brew Café employees all students, but the entire café is managed by student leaders as well. So now that RU Express applies here as well, there has been a clear increase of Rutgers University students who come and enjoy coffee here. This helps not only RU Brew’s business, but also the student employees who gain a more valuable experience by working at a thriving business. Business has been so successful that the French Press will be open even longer hours.

However, beyond all these benefits, there is another reason why the leaders of Chabad at Rutgers University are especially pleased that RU Express can finally be applied to Chabad’s dining options. Applying RU Express within Chabad was an idea floating around the executive leaders of Chabad for years. It took months of negotiation to arrange and a decent amount of work to contact the right people of Rutgers University and explain why including Chabad is a strategic choice. Now that finally this vision has been realized, it is bringing real anticipated results, most importantly increased student involvement in Jewish life on campus.

The Chabad team invites all members of the Rutgers community to come and try their RU Express card, whether it is for a freshly made kosher meal or a cup of coffee! We are located right on College Avenue campus, across from Alexander Library. Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy.

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