Holidays Activities

Rosh Hashanah


Come to Chabad to start  the new year off right. Meals and services are free.  Blow the Shofar, dip apple in honey, try new foods, and make new friends. Rabbi Goodman is here to celebrate with you. Some students visit patients in the hospital, others just come to eat or pray. Students reflect on the past year, make goals for the next one and everyone wishes each other blessings in the Book of Life.

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Yom Kippur


This is one day of year not to miss. Whether you are prepared or not, Rutgers Chabad is ready with meals before and after and with services for all levels. Students from all backgrounds come pray together and break their fast together.
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Sukkot on campus is one-of a-kind. Chabad staff and students build an enormous Sukkah in the parking lot where students come to eat (and sleep) all throughout Sukkot. Additionally, Chabad Sukkah mobiles drive all over the campus bringing a Sukkah, lulav, etrog and snacks to students wherever they are. All eight days of Sukkot there are events and people hanging out in the Sukkah.

Simchat Beit Ha’Shoeva


On the holiday all about happiness, Chabad knows how to celebrate. There is a pizza party in Chabad’s hut. Also, every year, Rabbi Shaya drives students to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where the men dance in the streets and celebrate together all night. Everyone celebrates together

Simchat Torah


Come this day and be awed by the amount of Jews singing inside and outside to celebrate with Sifrei Torah. Students dance with Jewish pride inside Chabad and by the student center. Come sing Am Yisrael Chai along with hundreds of other Jews.


There is nowhere like Rutgers Chabad for an incredible Hanukkah celebration. For months students prepare and distribute hundreds of Menorahs and flyers to display around campus. Then on Hanukkah, Rutgers Chabad lights up the university with Menorahs everywhere, public lightings and even a mega campus car parade. Everyone participates. Students also celebrate a myriad of smaller events for eight crazy nights.



Party-Purim! Purim is jam packed with events, it is hard to choose what to do. Chabad at Rutgers packs and distributes hundreds of Mishloach Manot to students all around campus. Students visit local senior centers and hospitals. Rabbis read the Megillah every hour. There is a mega-carnival with inflatable rides, mechanical bulls, human bowling and more. Students dress up. There is a party at Rabbi Shaya’s house and lots more all crammed into one awesome day.



After the exuberance of Purim comes the holiday of Passover. All month Chabad at Rutgers prepares for this holiday by packing and distributing Shmura Matza to Rutgers students, hospital patients, and local senior residents. Finally the big day comes and Rabbi Goodman hosts the campus seders for students, families, and community members. Ask questions, relive history and eat together. Rutgers Chabad makes the effort to ensure every Jew is welcome at the Seder. Join to welcome the final redemption.

Lag BaOmer


Come light up the night on Lag BaOmer. Following the Lag BaOmer tradition of celebrating with bonfires and BBQ’s, Rutgers Chabad celebrates with a bonfire, free barbecue, music, and marshmallows. Come hungry and cold leave satisfied and warm.

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