Community Service

Overnight Hospital Visits

Arranged, initiated, and run entirely by students; students provide children in rehab with both comfort and company. This helps the children and allows their families to go home and rest. A Rutgers Chabad student is in the hospital almost every day and night helping the families. Additionally, students organize birthday and holiday parties for these children. Students bond with the families forever.

Friday Hospital Visits

What better way to end the week than with volunteering? Every Friday, RU Chabad students visit patients (or who we like to call, “people in the hospital”) and cheer them up. Come bring a smile, cards, flowers and a challah to people in St. Peter’s hospital. The opportunity is free and the reward is priceless.

Shabbat Hospital Visits


Come again or come your first time.  Spread Shabbat smiles to people in St. Peters Hospital, located just minutes from Chabad House. Cheer them up, share stories, play games, or even just say “hi”. The opportunity is free and the reward is priceless.

Monthly Sunday Visit to Senior Center


Once a month, Chabad students take a trip to the local senior center. Anyone is welcome to help bring music and joy to the elderly on this trip. You come armed with a bag of smiles and leave with the bag overflowing.


Farm Philanthropy

During the right seasons, Chabad students are called upon by local farmers to help glean the extra crops and donate them to charity. The farmers appreciate the help, the hungry appreciate the food and you will appreciate the activity.

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