Exciting New Torah Classes at Chabad

By Talia Friedman


As college resumes, Chabad is ensuring  that students are able to attend classes-Torah classes. Chabad is varying timing and topic to guarantee a class that fits everyone’s schedule, learning level, and interests. Wednesday night, Rabbi Shaya resumed his famous Sushi N’ Soul class. Students rolled their own sushi rolls and then crowded into the new Sfaradi Beit Midrash (study hall) to learn about the parsha and, of course, to fill up on sushi. Then on Thursday, Max Sarasohn (class of ’17) and Rabbi Shaya began a new class teaching the laws of Kosher during lunchtime. Who says college students are only awake at night? This class was for commuters as well, to be able to join in the learning. Next to come (BH)-student taught classes!

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 20140910_194306 (Medium) 20140910_194308 (Medium) 20140910_194316 (Medium) 20140910_205944 (Medium) 20140910_205957 (Medium)

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